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Fantastic Four #157 CGC 9.8 #0006079002 (Silver Surfer/Dr. Doom Appear). White

Fantastic Four  157 CGC 98 0006079002 Silver SurferDr Doom Appear White
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23 Jul 2016
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San Carlos, California

Item Description

Story: "The Endgame Cometh!" 

Who captured the Fantastic Four for Dr. Doom? How did Doomsman II get his powers? What is it that Dr. Doom relishes? Who is the only woman Silver Surfer has ever loved? What is the Silver Surfer's real name? How does Reed escape the moving walls surrounding the Fantastic Four? Whose voice does Doomsman II have? Who does Dr. Doom make believe she is Shalla-Bal? Who shoots Silver Surfer and hopes Dr. Doom will reward him? Who battles Doomsman II to save the Fantastic Four from his wrath? What actor does Ben say they need to help battle Doomsman II? Dr. Doom says his armor has such amazing weaponry that he could sink what type of ship? Who yells, "and hell yawns widely for the first fool who gasps for quarter"? Why does Helena want Dr. Doom, the Silver Surfer, and the Fantastic Four to stop fighting? What is Dr. Doom's answer to Helena? What does Mephisto do as he sits on the throne in the Netherworld? Mephisto says he does not scheme but instead he does what? What being does Mephisto hate more than any other? What did Mephisto do to Shalla-Bal? How did Mephisto tantalize his nemesis? Who "will carry his hell with him wherever he goes"? All these probing questions are answered in "The Endgame Cometh!".

    CGC Label: Universal          Grade:  9.8(NM/MT)Page Quality: White  Description: Silver Surfer and Dr. Doom Appearance.                      Doomsman II and Mephisto Appearance.                      Roy Thomas and Len Wein Story.                      Rich Buckler and Joe Sinnott Cover and Art.                      April 1975 Bronze Age.
This is the highest graded CGC comic for Fantastic Four #157!  With white pages this is the best Fantastic Four #157 you can own! It has excellent centering, sharp corners, super-straight edges, the whitest-white back, bright colors and a clean cover. This is one classic battle issue with Dr. Doom, Doomsman II, the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four!  
Good luck and have fun bidding!