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Fantastic Four #46 CGC 8.0 #0287456002(1st Full Appearance of Black Bolt). W.

Fantastic Four  46 CGC 80 02874560021st Full Appearance of Black Bolt W
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01 Sep 2016
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San Carlos, California

Item Description

Story: "Those Who Would Destroy Us!" 

What did Black Bolt do to Ben? What happens to Triton when he attacks Reed? Why does Triton need water to breathe? What is the Seeker's life mission? What group does the Seeker think Dragon Man is part of? Where does the Seeker have Triton imprisoned? What causes Black Bolt to falter when he's about to finish off the Thing? How does Gorgon keep Sue and Reed off balance? How did the Inhumans escape the Fantastic Four? How were the Fantastic Four able to follow the Seeker? What actor does Ben reference when the Fantastic Four are captured by the Seeker? How old is the Seeker's race? Who created the Inhumans? What is the Great Refuge? Which Inhuman appears to die? How does Dragon Man escape from the Seeker? All these mind-bending questions are answered in "Those Who Would Destroy Us!".

    CGC Label: Universal          Grade:  8.0(VF)Page Quality: White  Description: 1st Full Appearance of Black Bolt.                      Inhumans and Dragon Man Appearance.                      1st Black Bolt Cover.                      Stan Lee Story.                      Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott Cover and Art.                      January 1966 Silver Age.                       
I have owned this comic for 35 years. I had it graded by CGC on June 1, 2016. It has straight edges, sharp corners, bright colors, full cover gloss and a super cover by the great Jack Kirby.
This is a great 8.0 on a great comic!. With white pages this is the best 8.0 Fantastic Four #46 you can own! This is a very difficult 8.0 to find with white pages. Out of the last 12 sold only 2 had white pages.
As in Fantastic Four #45, Jack Kirby's art work is superb in this issue. The Stan Lee/Jack Kirby run of Fantastic Four #1-101 is one of the top 5 runs of all time!
As a continuation of the first appearance of the Inhumans in Fantastic Four #45, this is a must-have issue for your Fantastic Four collection! 
Good luck and have fun bidding!