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Incredible Hulk # 181 1st Wolverine KEY! Awesome CGC!

Incredible Hulk  181 1st Wolverine KEY  Awesome CGC
Auction Details:
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Auction End date
16 Feb 2017
Seller Location
Kennewick, Washington

Item Description

#1 In low cost Marvel Comics from 1961 to 1975


Grade: GCG VG4.5

Certification  1446780001
This is a SLABBED book with a Guarantee grade.       Marvel Super KEY
Nice early Silver Age collection of books.
AWESOME SILVER AGE MARVEL for your collection!!!
This is your chance to get an early run of Silver Age Marvels!

All books are from an original collection

Information on the book:

Scan shows clearly the condition of book. Book lays mostly flat and has nice sheen on front cover.
Very solid and attractive book. Still has lots of glossy colors and supple interior pages.
Some nice impressive color luster on the front cover.
Other noted information that determine grade is:
Back cover is pretty clean with some handling and off white from age.
Looks like it was just read a few times and then stored away. Don't let this one get away!
KILLER BOOK! Looks about near FN Grade, looks so much nicer than the grade given!
We picked out a number of 'BETTER than Grade Looking books' that you you be VERY HAPPY to have:
or to give as a GIFT that you'd be proud to give since these are BEAUTIFUL Books.
Grade given is typical of the overall condition & intrinsic flaws associated with acceptable defects allowed in this grade.
This is a book you'll be proud to grow in value in your collection. Creamy off white from age/
This is an original book we inspected with no known restoration unless stated.
This is a FANTASTIC looking book with the story to match!
These books are great candidates for non-restorative cleaning in order to get a up to a full grade increase,
because most were slabbed before cleaning. This means this is your chance to get a higher graded book if you
choose to get it cleaned/pressed and then re-slabbed. Typically increases value 25-35%.
We give this SAMCO1 guaranteed grade of:
VG4.5 but Looks FN Grade
Retail Value: $1100.00
See our GREAT feedback. We unconditionally guarantee our comics, if you need a LARGER IMAGE just use your "Ctrl +" keys to enlarge screen.


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3. When you receive your item, if you have ANY questions, CONTACT ME FIRST, please do not contact eBay to resolve this, you
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our Seller Status and I GUARANTEE** , that I will fix your problem better.
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5. If you feel 5 STARS for me is not warranted, please contact me and let me make you a happy customer.
6. If your feedback can't be positive in every way, please contact me as to why and let me fix it.
7. Do not renegotiate auction ending prices or shipping costs after you won the auction. See below.

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you to pay another $1.99 for shipping?
You already got a KILLER deal.
If I am willing to sell, let's say, a $50.00 book for the highest bid of $9.00 because of no minimum, no reserve, starting at
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comic. We GUARANTEE against any non-disclosed restoration. Even if a few months have passed and you got your book
slabbed by a reputable archival/preservation company, and it was determined that a non-disclosed restoration was noted,
we will gladly offer to you the auction ending price as a refund if you wish to return your book and if you get a type "C" restoration
grade, we will even give you a $25 future auction credit for any inconvenience. We always want you to be happy with your purchase.
Nobody offers a better guarantee than we do!