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Amazing Spider-Man #39 CGC 8.5 Signature Series **Signed Stan Lee** 1st Romita

Amazing SpiderMan 39 CGC 85 Signature Series Signed Stan Lee 1st Romita
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You are bidding on:  Amazing Spider-Man vol 1 #39 CGC 8.5 Signature Series **Signed Stan Lee**

August 1966 Marvel Comics

1st John Romita Spider-Man Art (in Title)
Norman Osborn Revealed as Green Goblin

Stan Lee (Story)   John Romita (Art & Cover)   Mike Esposito (Art)  

1st Print

"How Green Was My Goblin!"

The Green Goblin is plotting his revenge against Spider-Man and plans to reveal his secret identity to the world. Meanwhile, Pete feels he’s coming down with something and visits Dr. Bromwell. During the visit the doctor tells Pete that Aunt May must not have any sudden shock or excitement to her or it could be fatal. As he goes to school, we see Harry Osborn being dropped off by his dad. When Harry asks if anything is wrong, his dad snaps angrily at him and Harry begins to worry. Pete sees what’s wrong and Harry starts confides in him his concerns much to the delight of Gwen Stacy. As Spider-Man webslings to clear his head cold, he finds a robbery in progress and starts to fight the gang of crooks. The longer he fights, the more suspicious he gets and finally is proven right when they hit him with a gas. This gas that Green Goblin has concocted prevents his Spider-Sense from working. As he exits the scene, he goes to change back to Peter Parker and the Goblin watches without being noticed. As the Goblin follows him home, he picks up his name on microphone and learns his true identity. The Goblin confronts him outside and begins his attack on Peter Parker. Pete fights to prevent Aunt May from knowing the truth but Goblin soon knocks Pete unconscious and wraps him in a steel alloy cable. As he has taken to the Goblin’s lair, Pete struggles against his bonds and since he’s confident in destroying Spider-Man, the Goblin reveals himself to be none other than Norman Osborn himself.

Quote1 Take a look, Parker--a good, long look--it's the last face Spider-man will ever see--it's the real face of the Green Goblin--the face of Norman Osborn! Quote2 -- Green Goblin

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