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Avengers 4 CGC SS 9.4 Stan Lee Signed Jack Kirby 1st Silver Age Captain America

Avengers 4 CGC SS 94 Stan Lee Signed Jack Kirby 1st Silver Age Captain America
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13 Dec 2014
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Fort Worth, Texas

Item Description

var itemNumber = window.ebayItemID ? window.ebayItemID : -1; function passpara(){return '&id=330716&itembgcolor=0xFFFFFF&bordercolor=0x000000&storewindowbgcolor=0xb8d6b6&toptextcolor=0xFFFFFF&bottomtextcolor=0xFFFFFF&stripcolor=0x516bc6&auctionclosemessagecolor=0xff0000&emptyboxmessagecolor=0xFFFFFF&buttovercolor=0x660000&buttoutcolor=0x00000AA&searchtitlecolor=0xFFFFFF&searchbuttbgcolor=0xc0c0c0&searchbutttextcolor=0x000000&searchbuttbordercolor=0x000000&itemhighlightcolor=0xfff000&navbuttonactivecolor=0x4bc1ee&navbuttonoutlinecolor=0xff9900&navbuttoninactivebgcolor=0x000000&siteid=0&cat=70961&item=' + itemNumber + '&baseurl='+escape(location.href.substring(0, location.href.lastIndexOf('/') + 1));} Avengers #4 Golden Record 1966 Reprint CGC 9.4 Signature Series 9.4 by Marvel Comics from 1966!!! Signature Series ~ Signed by Stan Lee! Tough to find in High Grade classic cool cover! 1st Appearance of Captain America in Silver Age! Super HOT book! CGC 9.4 Signature Series! 9.4 ~ Jack Kirby Cover & Art!! CGC 9.4 Signature Certification #1152503002 -  Off-White to White Pages - Stan Lee story - Jack Kirby cover & art! Excellent back cover for Sketch!!! Case is in Perfect Condition! Priority Mail Shipping with FREE Insurance in US is FREE!!!! Canada shipping is $27.50 -32.99 depending on which part of Canada you live in. All overseas shipping is via USPS Express ONLY per Pay PAL. Payment is due within 48 hours after winning this auction. Thanks for looking.