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Marvel Comics THE FANTASTIC FOUR #1 11/1961 1st APP Fantastic 4 Mole Man CGC 3.0

Marvel Comics THE FANTASTIC FOUR 1 111961 1st APP Fantastic 4 Mole Man CGC 30
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17 Nov 2014
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Anaheim, California

Item Description

You are bidding on a VERY RARE Vintage Comic Book.  This MARVEL Comic issued on 11/1961 contains the First appearance of The Fantastic Four (Marvels's 1st Suoer-Hero Team) and The Mole Man.  Key characters in this issue include: The Fantastic Four (The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch and Invisible Girl), and The Mole Man.  In this issue the Fantastic Four fight the Mole Man. This Comic has been graded by CGC as Restored Apparent 3.0 (Slight C-1), but looks better than the offered grade.  A VERY RARE Vintage Comic in Stunning Condition for the HIGH END COLLECTOR........There are no reserves on my items........Start this one at $499.99 and add $19.95 for Insured UPS Postage.......Check out my other Comics on E-Bay as I have a few different High End ones running now....Thankyou to all bidders....

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