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Hulk 181 CGC 9.6 1st Wolverine

Hulk 181 CGC 96 1st Wolverine
Auction Details:
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23 Apr 2015
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El Paso, Texas

Item Description

I literally hate this right now.. I love this book more than anything in life itself sadly enough. Wolverine is my all time favorite and it took me a life time to get this book, now unfortunately it must go.. Very sad day for me. I only hope that the person that gets this appreciates it as much as I do. It is sooo amazing holding this copy in your hands. An unreal feeling that truly brings back being a happy kid!!! Best of luck bidding and may the highest bidder get it.

I of course will insure this book out of my own pocket just to make sure this book survives.

I'm OCD so there is not a single thing wrong with any of the books I'm selling. Smoke free house, kept in AC at 72 degrees, out of any light, sun or other, locked up in boxes at all times. I love these books and hate to see them go, but it's time to sell off some of the investments I've made over the years. My giving these up is your gain. Check out my other listings! Most likely you will see some more you want. Good luck bidding and I hope they go to a buyer that loves them as much as I have. Best of wishes!

NOTE: I WILL START SHIPPING ON THE 20th OF APR 2015 THROUGH THE 24th. IF THIS IS NOT OK WITH YOU PLEASE DO NOT BID!!!!!!!! I WILL CONTACT BUYER THE SAME DAY I'VE SENT YOUR BOOK. I will ALSO combine shipping. I'm NOT 100% sure what they ship out for, but I am willing to work with the buyer. I am selling a lot of books so please be patient with me, I don't do this for a living.