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ALL-FLASH #1 CGC Grade 7.0 First solo Gold Age (1941) Flash title from DC!

ALLFLASH 1 CGC Grade 70 First solo Gold Age 1941 Flash title from DC
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17 Nov 2015
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Vancouver, Washington

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Title: All-Flash
Issue number: 1 (Summer/1941)
Very minor amount of glue on the cover
1st solo Golden Age Flash title. Written by Gardner F. Fox. Art and cover by Everett E. Hibbard. Origin of the Flash retold. A scientist discovers the serum KZ-10 that transforms living objects into stone, a discovery that certain criminal types would like to wield for themselves. Hop Harrigan text story, art by Sheldon Mayer. Butch McLobster story by Ed Wheelan. The Flash Presents His Hall of Speed Records; Flash discusses actual speed records, such as for the Lockheed P-38, the Cheetah, the race horse Equipoise, miler Glenn Cunningham, and a comet. Boys and Girls: Meet the Author and Artist of The Flash -- Fastest Man Alive!, with photo of Gardner F. Fox. Art and cover by Everett E. Hibbard. Ad for Justice Society of America. 68 pages, full color.
Publisher: DC
This volume has earned the CGC Grade of 7.0
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