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Batman : The Killing Joke CGC 9.6 Signature Series Brian Bolland cover & art

Batman  The Killing Joke CGC 96 Signature Series Brian Bolland cover  art
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21 Aug 2016
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Woodland Hills, California

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Batman : The Killing Joke #nnCGC 9.6 Signature Series White pages
Beautifully signed offset by camera lens in silver ink, sharp and clear by interior & cover artist Brian Bolland. June 5, 2010
*All books sealed in Gerber Mylite archive bags.  See condition description section above describing bags. Photos of comic show CGC case out of bag, and within bag.
*All books being offered at this time are from my personal collection.  My entire collection is Mylite archived, catalogued, then placed in CGC issued boxes, which are then placed inside plastic tubs, surrounded in insulation foam sheeting, and finally kept shelved in temperature controlled cold storage.  I plan for long term paper preservation.  These are all choice books collected specifically for their quality over years.  I have been grading, collecting, buying, trading, selling since 1977.
**These are being pulled and offered to the public only due to an emergency medical situation requiring immediate financial means just days after auctions end.   When originally purchased, these were not intended for such an early release. As I mentioned above, these are all choice books collected specifically for their quality over years.  Therefore payment via PayPal is required within 24 hours of auction end.  This is mandatory due to the short time left at hand to raise funds.  Please comply with this simple request on payment terms. Shipping will be during a lengthy week process combined with disability. I reserve the right to simply offer the book to the second highest bidder immediately if payment is not received as described.  If I had more time, I would not care, but time is not on my side at this time, so please understand.  This is the trade off..... reluctantly releasing quality books from my collection for needed immediate fund raising.This payment time notice officially supersedes any other related payment time information posted on this site within our policy below at this time only.
All orders are carefully & professionally packaged & protected, and fully insured. No one wants their money back from a damaged book.  They would rather have their new book arrive at their door safely so they may enjoy their new investment.
Thank you and happy bidding.
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